Does Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico Have the Potential to Help Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease?
Alzheimer’s disease is a complex medical condition and amongst the most common causes of dementia. A person with AD usually suffers from cognitive decline and memory loss. It is an asymptomatic disease that gets worse with time. It is not possible to completely cure the disease, while its management can still be done, which helps the person suffering from AD to lead a normal life. Although younger people are also affected by the disease, it is usually found to attack the elderly population.

Alzheimer’s disease results from the continuous death of brain cells and is often caused by a combination of behavioral, genetic, and environmental factors. It's a process that leads to the worsening of the condition of the patient. The specific causes of the disease as well as its symptoms, even after years of research, are still not known. But, what’s known is that Alzheimer’s disease seriously damages the brain.

The disease causes the brain to lose its cells and as well as the links that connect them. The initial symptoms of the disease are mild forgetfulness and confusion. However, over a period, a person suffering from AD loses most of her/his memories. And if the patient doesn’t choose the right treatment, she/he will start to experience anxiety, disorientation, social withdrawal, depression, and writing and speaking problems. People with AD also lose their ability to plan and perform regular tasks, reason, and make decisions and judgments.

Stem cell therapy in Mexico is a safe treatment mode that involves the insertion of new adult stem cells into damaged tissues. Results show that this treatment helps in relieving much of the suffering of patients with AD. The Perinatal stem cells involved in the therapy have the potential to decrease chronic inflammation, develop a better organs blood circulation and most importantly the ability to modulate our old immune system.